LEGO SG100: Rebuild

August 27, 2015 - 2 minutes read


When we saw the LEGO SG100: Rebuild campaign we fell in love! It is so interesting to see how future generations would rebuild a city given the opportunity.


The project began with adults creating out of LEGO bricks, the Singapore they envision in 50 years time, 2065.  The adults city included skyscrapers, large motorways and futuristic looking architecture.


Then a group of 6 years old children were let loose on the adults Metrolpolis to make changes they would like to see to in Singapore 2065.  LEGO asked the children “But what makes a city feel like home?”, the answers they got were both heart warming & fascinating. Some suggestions the children come up with may even bring a tear to your eye! Tissues at the ready…..




The Lego SG100: Rebuild project really highlights how in the world of day to day life and development of city’s we can lose track of the things that matter most to us.




The results the children come up with are so simple but really make you think. Ideas such as moving their house nearer to their fathers work so they can get home quicker, creating parks where animals and people make friends and large outside tables so everyone can eat together are just a few of the genius ideas the children have come up with.





LEGO have really touched on something that is emotively brilliant.  Not only does it show how amazing LEGO  itself can be, but it also promotes how the future generations see the world. It is a powerful reminder  that even when we reach the years of  SG100 some things should never be forgotten when creating city’s of the future.


We hope this campaign really gets people thinking about the question “But what makes a city feel like home?” in the future so everyone can have a city that feels like home to them.


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