Katsu Graffiti Drone

May 14, 2015 - 1 minute read


KATSU Kendall Jenner Graffiti Drone Drawing

We love a bit of graffiti here at Sketch, so when we heard about KATSU‘s new venture a few weeks ago we were intrigued.


Basically KATSU, a prolific New York graffiti artist, used a Graffiti Drone to deface a Soho billboard of Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein.


The video of the artistic act went viral sending social media into overdrive, generally sympathy laid with the Kardashian family member, who naturally was very excited about her first Calvin Klein Billboard.


However, from a grafitti artists perspective this form of graffiti is a very exciting prospect with endless possibilities.  The amount of fresh ‘canvas space’ the Graffiti Drone grants an artist access to is immense.


KATSU Drone Drawing



The art that is produced from this method so far consists of clumsy streaks & wayward lines but it’s what it represents that is truly fascinating. Could this be the technological future for graffiti as we know it?


For now we will be watching this space & keeping our eyes peeled for any unruly drones above head at all times 🙂


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