Sketch Loves: Windows 8: The Live Tile Experiment

November 9, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Windows 8 have really been stepping up their game recently and this PR Stunt / Experiential activity is no exception.

When unsuspecting Oslo (Norway) residents passed by a ‘fake’ building which appeared to have a lively party inside, they were given an exclusive preview of the windows live experience… with an interactive “Live Tile” in the middle of the street.

When participants pressed on the tile the music from the party could be heard.

When they took the plunge and fully stood on the tile, to their shock the wall falls down around them with a dance floor pattern revealing popular Norwegian band Datarock and  floods of party goers in a sea of dry ice who swamp the dance floor.

There is even a man in disco ball floating above them!

As quickly as it has appeared, the wall is raised back up by the party going volunteers, the band pulled back inside, and the smoke disappears as if it was never there just leaving the stunned resident to process what just happened.

Some amazing reactions from the public, especially the guy with the hot dog. We hope he’s real and if not hats off to his ‘genuine’ surprise face.

This is a great example of how much of an impact experiential activities can really have. Even though people have been questioning if the video is genuine or not, as with the James Bond 007 “Unlock the 007 in You” Coke Zero campaign,  if it is more PR stunt than experiential it still gets people talking, tweeting and blogging about it.