Freeview: World’s Largest Dream Catcher

August 1, 2012 - 2 minutes read

Sketch has once again smashed a Guinness World Record, and this time it’s for Freeview who needed to us to build ‘The World’s Largest Dream Catcher’ at London’s Potter’s Field Park. This event, part experiential activity, part PR stunt, was held to celebrate Freeview’s Summer of sport catching the hopes and dreams of the nation.



Roger McGough, one of Britain’s top, award winning and renowned performance poets, unveiled “Hopes and Dreams for the Big Day” aiming to inspire Britain’s athletes and capture the nation’s sense of anticipation and excitement for the summer of sport ahead. the poem had been crowdsourced via the brand’s fans on Facebook.




The Dream Catcher measures an impressive 3metres in diameter, is 4.44metres in height, with a massive 9.65metre circumference. The previous record is 2.74 metres with an 8.61 metre circumference.



The installation was also part of Freeview’s Twitter campaign to get the country sharing their hopes and dreams #hopesanddreams




Coverage included the Metro Online and Orange News




Hopes and Dreams For The Big Day


(A poem by Roger McGough)

Nervous, but quietly confident
The poem is up at first light.
The big day, after years of dreaming
Has finally arrived. The end is in sight.
It runs, it jumps, it rides, it drives
It rows, it shoots, it collides, it dives
It kicks, it flicks, it cycles, it swerves
It lifts, it throws, it aims, it serves.
It scans, it puzzles, it echoes, it chimes
It struts, it performs, it sings, it rhymes
One more line and the verse is complete
The dreaming is over, now it’s time to compete.
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