Sketch Loves: Draw Something

April 19, 2012 - 3 minutes read

‘Loves’ may not be strong enough a word to describe our fascination with this Pictionary style app, completely addicted may be more apt! 
The new big fish in the social gaming pond that has over 50 million downloads has got us spending all of our free time trying to perfectly draw David Beckham’s face. The addictive App allows you to “attempt” to draw a choice of things that can be guessed by friends or other random players. Draw Something users have reportedly created over 6 billion drawings with favourite words such as pregnant (easy to draw a round bump) and starfish another easy shape which makes us feel like a master illustrator. (CNET

Here are some of the Draw Something illustrations we have found:
The Good:
*sings* “It’s the circle…the circle of life” (Mashable)
The Bad:
David Beckham with added grey hairs perhaps? (Huffington Post)
And the down right ugly…
Her name is even spelt wrong… (Huffington Post)
It’s not all fun and games…

A creative agency in Amsterdam had potential interns compete with each other on Draw Something to fight for a position within the company. As DigitalBuzzBlog points out, it’s a great way to get a potential interns attention through a social platform that many of them are already talking about.  

Draw Something vs Angry Birds
Draw Something has outdone Angry Birds and become the number one app on the App Store. As Betabeat points out, it has become an ever spreading phenomenon that even the celebrities are getting involved with. Notably Ryan Seacrest drawing Lady Gaga.
Now that Draw Something is the number one App we think that an experiential event involving the game will not be far behind. We saw how Angry Birds got users involved in its life-size version of the game.
If you haven’t already signed up then what are you waiting for? But please remember to read the small print:

Draw Something participation results in lack  of social life  and ability to put your phone/ tablet down. 



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