Sketch Loves: A Good Bus Stop

April 3, 2012 - 2 minutes read

From posh seating to the smell of freshly baked potatoes, brands have been making fantastic and creative use of bus stop advertising recently. Ambient advertising undoubtedly creates a much higher impact than traditional poster advertising, dwell time is high and so there is a great opportunity to get passers by noticing your message. Here’s some of our faves…


McCain Ready Baked Jackets

The innovative use of ‘scent marketing’ meant that the reach McCain achieved with this campaign was huge. In order to create a buzz around the launch of their new frozen Ready Baked Jackets, ten bus stops across the UK were fitted with 3D, fibreglass jacket potatoes which gave off heat and the aroma of a spud cooking in the oven. The shelters also dispensed money off coupons redeemable across multiple and independent retailers.




Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka went about re-designing bus stops in Chicago. Each one represented one of their newest flavours – Absolut Twist, Absolut Bloody and Absolut Lemon Drop – and the design reflected each flavour’s specific style and personality.



Fitness First

Those who chose to sit whilst wait at this bus stop in Rotterdam were surprised by having their weight displayed! The bench in the shelter is in fact a large weighing scale that then displays the individuals weight onto the electronic display embedded in the adjacent billboard. A great way of embarrassing people into joining your gym!



Coca-Cola New Grip Bottle

A great way to ‘grab’ attention… This bus stop used velcro which would get caught on peoples clothes, they would then turn around an be confronted by the Coca-Cola new grip bottle messaging.


Mr Kipling

Surely the winner? Taking the whole ambient advertising concept to new heights and turning it into an unmanned sampling activity is Mr Kipling and his generous bus stop ad that gave away thousands of Angel Slices to some very happy passers by. creating a brand experience out of a traditional advertising medium- genius.



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