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We live in an increasingly visual age where every second millions of people are documenting their lives through photos and uploading them to social networking sites. We seem obsessed with not only sharing pictures and videos from yesterdays BBQ in the park and Mia’s 1st Birthday Party, but capturing every bit of life we love from the ‘cute’ T-shirt we just saw at the market, to the tasty cakes that have just been delivered to the office.  So with this visual sharing explosion, is Pinterest the answer when communicating our lives in videos and pictures? Is Pinterest the latest fad or will it become the latest must have online marketing tool for your brand?

The low down. So what is Pinterest and how does it work?
Pinterest is a pin board style, social photo sharing website which allows its users to ‘pin’ images of ‘interest’ to the site using videos, photos or discussions. These ‘pins’ can then be organised into individual boards much like a virtual scrap book. Anything can be found from ‘design I love’ to ‘stunning holiday destinations’.  It’s simple to use as ‘pins’ can be uploaded by the individual or ‘pinned’ directly from websites and blogs using a handy ‘pin it’ plug in. Linked with Facebook and twitter, users can like a ‘pin’, or, much like a re-tweet, ‘repin’ a ‘pin’ to their pinboard thus continuing the image sharing journey.

So how can Pinterest work for my brand?
They say that a picture paints and thousand words and what better way to shout about your new product or latest experiential advertising campaign then with an image that says it all. With the ‘pin it’ plug in, an image can be pinned in a matter of seconds with a witty or cliff hanger style caption if desired. 
It’s not just us that agrees that Pinterest is the way forward. Several brands have lead the with Pinterest digital campaigns. Kotex’s ‘Woman’s Inspiration Day’ campaign featured personalised gifts that were sent out to 50 inspiring women whom they located on Pinterest. These gifts were created from inspiration from their Pinterest boards and sent them a personalised gift (with Kotex included). All the women had to do to receive their exclusive gift was to repin their gift. Nearly 100% of women posted about their gift on Facebook, Pinteret and Twitter. From the 50 gifts sent out, the Brand achieved 2,284 interactions and 694,853 total impressions. 


Fashion brand Guess has also jumped on the bandwagon with their “Guess my colour Inspiration” by challenging its fans to create boards based on one of  four spring denim colours: “Noir Teal,” “Hot House Orange,” “Red Hot Overdue” and “New Plum Light.” Participants were told to title their boards “Guess My Color Inspiration” and re-pin their colour ambassador image with at least five more colour images. The four winners were selected by style bloggers.


Guess ‘Colour Me Inspired’ campaign


Even ‘Mad Men’ is reaching out to its audience through a retro 60’s styled Pinterest board promoting the release of the hotly anticipated fifth season of the show.

The Mad Men Pinterest board


Pinterest seems to be on it’s way to becoming a huge hit with the number of unique visitors to the site growing by 886% in just 6 months, with over 16.23 million users

(via Branding Magazine).

What better way to shout about your brand or product then letting your consumer do it for you? Linking with Facebook and Twitter its makes it incredibly easy to share about the things you like with countless others to. Go on, try it- we’re sure you’ll become just as addicted as we are! 
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